Thursday, July 17, 2008

Stop #3- Pawley's Island (Part 2)

Sorry for the delay in posting part 2! Our computer cord had so much fun at the beach that it decided to stay!(as my friend Emily put it) We are finally home and bought a new cord, so here are some more pics! I will post the last leg of our trip, Kiawah Island soon!
Murphy and Daddy reading the Ducky book on the hammock! Murph loungin'...
Climbing on the Bocce box...

Wes and Sabi enjoying the beach- they were both in from Seattle and are now visiting her family in Paris, France! Congrats to both of them- they just finished their Pediatric Residencies!
Climbing on the cooler- yes, there is a pattern here, Murph loves to climb and explore!
"Helping "Mommy with her suitcase and playing with the nasty old fan- much to Mommy's dismay!
Murphy loves his buddy, Joe! I have a feeling he will be tagging along behind Joe with his fishing pole next year!:)
Murphy and Allie Harris having fun in the sand!
Acting crazy in the baby pool- He figured out how to stick his head through the canopy, but I couldn't ever snap a pic quick enough!

Playing in the baby pool on the deck before dinner- sans water!
"Peek-A-Boo, DeeDee!"
On the move-( he had just escaped from the pool)
This was a great deck pool with lots of fun things attached- both little munchkins seemed to enjoy it! The best part- $9.99 at Walgreen's!
"Bye, Bye Pawley's! See you next year!"

Murph and Mommy in Charleston for lunch on the way to Kiawah Island!

We had a lot of fun hanging out with our family and the Bruner's at Pawley's! Everyone was able to come this year, so it was extra special! We can't wait until next year- there will also be a new Bruner, Wendy and Justin's baby girl due in December!


Maureen said...

I didn't realize you were back already--I will give you a call.
Cute pics--Murphy looks like he loved the beach!

Sharon said...

Are you glad to be back? Nice long vacation! The pics are so cute. Murphy had fun.

Mindy said...

Looks like Murphy's a little beach baby! We love all of his action shots. What a fun trip!

Rhonda Pennington said...

Murphy is getting bigger and cuter by the day! Love the picture of him and Walker reading in the hammock. So sweet.

Allison Dobbs said...

I'm so glad I got to hang out with you and Murph yesterday afternoon! I especially love the tan lines in his cute little Michelin man rolls :) He sure is moving fast...he'll be running like his mommy too soon!