Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What has Murphy been up to?

Murphy has really been enjoying the pool since the water has gotten warmer! (Thanks to this heat wave!:) He really likes to get in the big pool and has fun on the steps of the baby pool playing with cups and bath toys! Here are some pics DeeDee took last week!

( He's not so sure about rafts yet!)
Murph would go naked all day if we let him! He loves playing in just a diaper- the next best thing!:)
Bath time! I think he's doing his deer snort here!
All wrapped up! (Taken just before he tinkled on me and the floor!! ) Miller hung his head as Walker wiped it up-poor doggie, he thought he was in trouble, but this time the culprit was Murph!
Halle and Miller got baths, haircuts, and their nails clipped today. It was much needed! Here are our other babies showing off their new "do's"!
Can you see Miller's lion tail? haha
We have been doing this a lot- "How big is baby?"

"Sooooo Big!!!!" (Sorry, I forgot to rotate it!)
Murph is army crawling all over the house! He does laps all morning long! His little forearms are getting raw!
Under the doggie dish- Sorry, LinLin and DeeDee!:)
He just crawled right out of his PJ's by naptime!


Bill,Heather and Hagen said...

He get more precious everytime I see him!

Bill,Heather and Hagen said...

sorry "gets"

Sharon said...

Thats nice you all have a pool to go to when its hot. He seems to be moving around and keeping you busy. Luke also does the "so big" deal and Ive yet to get it on tape...just my phone:) I love the things they do. By the way love your suits....Murphy is a doll.

Aflowers said...

i love the one of him crawling right out of his pants! how funny is that?! Can't wait to see you all next week! Allie Harris gets so excited when she sees murphy pics! love and miss you...

Lin Lin said...

Oh, that boy is cute!!! Cn't wait to see him!!!

Dee-Dee said...

Precious pictures, Meg. I love the "so big" ones and the one of him crawling out of his pants. Abby army crawled like that. Too cute!

Julie said...

what a cutie!!

Courtney said...

He is SOOOO cute! I love that smile!