Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Father's Day Weekend

Happy Father's Day! We had a busy, fun-filled weekend! We went to Nashville for Ryan and Elene's wedding and Murphy had fun staying with LinLin and Gram. We celebrated Father's day on Sunday with Daddy and on Monday night with Dibs. Murphy made his Daddy a card, gave him a book they can read together, called Daddy Hugs, and also gave him a really cool cheese slicer that he wanted! Here are some pics from the weekend:
"My DaDa is #1!" "Daddy always knows how to make me laugh! Mommy and I love him so much!!!"
Eating breakfast in my great-granddaddy's highchair
I am so busy these days! I love to crawl with "my guys"!
Ol' sleepy eyes- it must be naptime!:)
Playing with Mommy at West Meade
Murphy loved all the attention he got from the kids at the pool! "LaLa", one of his biggest fans, is keeping a close eye on him from the side!
Murphy is showing all of the kids how to blow a Lifeguard's whistle! (I'll try to post the video soon!)
We were out for thunder, but it didn't get Murph down- he loved rolling the ball to the big boys!

Looking out the door with LinLin
The next few are wedding pics- This chandelier was in the tent at the Reception. It was so pretty I had to take a picture!
Fun times! Elizabeth, Bart, Adrienne, and me
Me, Elizabeth, Julie, and Renee
Here is a pic of Walker and me- I failed to get a pic of the bride and groom!

Walker and Alex
Murphy signed his card to Dibs in his own way, by eating it!:)
Playing with Dibs
BaBa time!
So relaxed-his little feet are crossed- he is so funny!:)
We hope everyone had a great Father's Day! Thanks to Walker who is the best husband and father to us! We love you!


Sharon said...

Wow...what great pictures. Happy Fathers Day. Glad it was a good one. Like your dress you wore to the wedding. Hope all is well.

Dee-Dee said...

You favor your mom so much in that picture of you and Walker at the wedding. Murphy is so cute with his feet crossed taking his bottle. It looks like you guys are having a fun and busy summer!!

Heather said...

Hey! It was great seeing you for a little bit! I posted some new pics earlier!

Julie said...

more cute pics! You look beautiful at the wedding! Love your dress!

Jason and Becca said...

Great to chat today! Murph is getting soo big! what adorable pics:) have a great summer trip soon!! Talk to ya later!