Thursday, November 8, 2007

My Noggin

During the head check part of Murphy's check-up, the doctor pointed out that he seemed to prefer his right side. Poor Murphy! Now he has to do head exercises to encourage him to turn to his left side on his own. (We were getting a little flat on that side!) I guess all the weight from his big noggin made his head a bit mis-shapen! He is extra large in the noggin area- being in the 42% in head circumfence, while his little body is 11% in weight and 4% in height. Something had to hold that big brain! At least that's what we're telling him! Here are some fun pics of Murphy working hard to improve his left side!:) This pic really showcases the XL noggin- he wears 0-3 months in clothes, but 3-6 in hats! :)
Working with mommy- This is fun, but only for a short time!
Sleeping on my right side with my daddy
I really liked Kimber- she was so funny I didn't even notice we were working those neck muscles!
"Steve Holt!" Those of you who have seen all the episodes of Arrested Development will know what I'm talking about! (hehehe, Ang!)


Sharon said...

That is too cute! He is so sweet. I can tell your having so much fun with him. Luke is 75% height and 50% he is 5 months in 12 month cloths...he is so long:) Funny huh..

Maureen said...

oh poor little big head! he does not look out of proportion to me!
"great, big, noggin!" (what movie?)

Rachel said...

Drew and I were just chatting about how much we miss Reagan sleeping on the couch with us!!! Eat it up as much as you can!
Murphy is a cutie!

Julie said...

He's so cute-love the last pic!

Duane&Angie said...

Oh yeah--very nice! I love his cute little mug in that last picture. You know how a camera adds ten pounds? I don't think that really applies to baby heads b/c he looks just fine to me. :)
Mo was quoting So I Married An Axe-Murderer by the way. "It's like an orange on a toothpick!"