Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Murphy with Whitney-he loves her and her crazy glasses!!
We had a great Halloween! We went to the Pope's house in Forestbrook to eat chili and hotdogs! This has been a Halloween tradition for several years now and it was fun to finally have a trick-or-treater! We took Murphy out in his stroller to a few houses! He didn't like the puppy hood on his costume, so I put his chipmunk hat on him! He liked the pumpkin PJ's best!
Murphy having fun with the big kids!
Miss Ann holding Murphy- He loved being passed around by all the pretty girls!
We had to take a quick family picture before he got out of the puppy/chipmunk outfit!

"Smurph" with Julieanne and Macy-that's what they love to call him!:)
He looks like he wants some candy!
Winding down after an exciting night!


Maureen said...

halloween looked like fun! although I don't think Murhpy understood what was going on...maybe next year!

pessa34 said...

Cute tights Meg! Your a cute mama. Looks like Murhpy had a good time with all those girls.