Monday, March 21, 2011

Random Pics from February and Early March

JuJu gave Murphy a power wheel truck she had gotten from a co-worker. Here he is racing down the yard to hop in! He was most excited about the real working radio!

Getting instructions from "Andy Poke" as he calls Andy Pope!

Andy giving Murph a ride!

So cool!

Walker and I before our Nine O'clock Cotillion in early March

NeNe and her sweet girl!

Sweet kisses!

Murphy hanging out with baby sis

Cuddle time!

Oops didn't mean to put up 2- still sweet, though!

Tummy Time!

Benton had RSV last week. She is doing much better! She didn't mind the breathing treatments at all!

She is chewing and slobbering on everything these days!

A little reading!

A brother sister conversation...


Anonymous said...

WOW! Che bel bambinooo! Complimenti! Per tutte le donne che vogliono parlare, ascoltare e dare consigli, una signora ha aperto questo blog, andateci, le farebbe molto piacere!

duane said...

He he he love the new car Murph has; I'm sure it has sparked some funny comments from him. :) When you see Murph and Benton together they look so similar--definitely the same beautiful coloring. Love the one where Benton is snuggling with your mom!!

DuaneAngie said...

Okay I did it again--I will just start signing my name when I comment so you know its from me!
luv ya,