Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bath Time & Visitors

Benton's first bath at home Getting warm in the froggy towel

Bath time in Mommy's tub!

Meeting Om for the first time!

And RiRi!

Pop Pop with his 4th great grandchild! (Lillard comes from Pop Pop, DeeDee's dad)

Meeting Uncle Mikey (Michael Faulk), Benton's godfather

Uncle Wes and Aunt Sabi made a surprise visit from Boston! They just made Thanksgiving that much sweeter!

Miss Abby stopped by after the UT game to meet her newest baby and to love on her Murph man!

Cousin time! Murph and AH had fun playing dress up! She had to settle for Dash since we don't have any princess costumes- and made a very cute super hero! They said they were saving the babies!

Baby Gray was loving Baby Benton, and her paci! What a sweetie!

The girl cousins!

Austie with Murph and Benton

BFF's and Beach buddies- Benton and Bennett Bruner! They will have so much fun spending time at the beach together growing up!

Murphy had to jump in on the action!

Murph playing with Charlee Hunter!

NeNe and her girl!


Sharon Thompson said...

great pics! She is so little...I love babies:)

DuaneAngie said...

Thanks for posting so many pics Shmegs! I love the one with Benton in your bathtub; she is such a cutie pie!

EFT for Anxiety said...

Baby bath time sure is nice!

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