Thursday, August 19, 2010

Smokies Game

We recently went to a Friday night TN Smokies game. We thought Murphy would love it, and boy were we right! He loved all aspects from the BIG tub of popcorn to the mascots, games, and so on! We went to watch Alex throw out the first pitch, as it was Webb School Alumni Night! He threw it so fast the pic didn't turn out, but here he is teaching Murph a little bit about baseball!
Doesn't everyone need a foam finger bigger than their head? (Even when their head is larger than most?!:)

Dippin' Dots with BeBe was also a big hit!

What could be a better end to a wonderful evening of junk food and baseball? Getting to sit in the firetruck in the parking lot, of course!

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Rachel said...

We too had a similar experience of junk food and fun at a Smokies game. Hope all is well with you guys! How's that baby growing!?!