Saturday, July 3, 2010

June Highlights

At the beginning of June, we transitioned to a big boy bed. It is obvious the crib had become way too much fun! I'll post pics of the room when the finishing touches are in- which may be awhile at the rate I'm going!:) We have loved spending time with Pop!(DeeDee's dad) He moved here this year from Memphis to be near 2 of his daughters and Gramco, who is in the nursing home here in Knoxville. Murphy thinks he is the greatest! (Pop seems to think Murph is pretty neat, too!:)

First movie at the theatre- Toy Story 3! "It was good! A little bit scary, and Mommy cried at the end." (Direct quote from this little critic!)

Murph is also enjoying the pool so much this summer! He is quite a little fish these days!
Our summer has been fun, action-packed, and super busy so far! So much that blogging has moved down on the list! We are headed to the beach tomorrow for almost two weeks. Happy 4th of July!!

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Samma said...

No more "just flipping" in the crib :(