Wednesday, November 11, 2009

October Beach Trip and Halloween

A few weeks ago Murphy and I went to Kiawah with NeNe and "Auntie Wonna" (Rhonda)! We had so much fun and the weather was a little warmer each day! We rode bikes, played on the playground, shopped, and did NOT go to the ER or the doctor this time! Murphy also discovered his love for Toy Story and High School Musical, which is still going strong! Cuddling in his bed with Auntie Wonna
Sliding on the big twisty slide at Night Heron Park- our favorite!

Playing on the steps with Mommy

Posing on the pumpkins at Rosebank Farms

NeNe and Murphy enjoying a rare quiet moment

Building sandcastles

Looking for butterflies in the gardens at The Sanctuary

Back at home- relaxing with Miller!

Wednesday night Halloween dinner at Cherokee with DeeDee and Dibs- I need to start brushing his teeth more often! :)

Giving DeeDee a turn with the teeth...

"Max" from Where the Wild Things Are! DeeDee made his costume from scratch! It was awesome and looked just like I had pictured it! He really got into it and said, "I'll eat you up!" just like Max! Thanks, DeeDee! It was so special and one-of-a-kind!:)

He really got into Trick-or-Treating once he realized you get to eat the candy!

On the move to the next candy stop!

His favorite stop- Chris and Courtney's house for suckers!

We made it to the UT/South Carolina game after Trick-or-Treating. We were so glad to have Becca and Jason in town for the game and had a great time with them Friday and Saturday nights! Murphy also loved seeing "Jayna" as he called them at first. We think he was combining their names into one!

Walker and Jason watching UT kick some South Carolina butt! We also won the game they came to last year, so I think they need to start coming to all the games!