Thursday, January 15, 2009

Harbour Island 2008!

We left for Harbour Island, Bahamas, two days after Christmas and had a blast! This is a trip we had attempted once a few years ago, but were stranded in Orlando, so we were really excited to actually get there this year! Murphy's godmother, Julieanne, and her kids, Andy and Macy go every year, so we were very lucky to get to spend some time with them and some other friends! Lin Lin (or NeNe as Murphy now calls her) also got to make the trip with us! Here are a lot of pics from the week! He absolutely loved the ocean the first day!
The pink sand was so soft and beautiful!

He was amazed at the sand and the waves! We were so lucky to have sunny 80 degree weather every day!

He had fun, but I was EXHAUSTED!!!

Hosing off! He was about to have a little poo here!:) It was so funny!

The next few days he only wanted to be in the sand!

Strolling with Mom-o (I have no idea why he now calls me this!)

Playing with Da!

He found a huge sand hole which became his personal playground!

Climbing up...

And sliding back down! Over and over again!

Catching an episode of "Little Einsteins" before hitting the beach!

The famous pink sand

We got to swim in Julieanne's sister, Muffet's pool! It was heated and so nice! Murphy especially loved swimming with their dogs, Scooby and Tulah!

Julieanne's brother-in-law, Pearl, keeps a boat down there! Walker went out on it one day and they caught a big Yellow fin Tuna!

The next day, Andy and Lauder caught Wahoo and Tuna! (Btw, Lauder is Estee Lauder's grandson!)

Our house- "Oleander"

Our transportation for the week! Mom and Walker decided wisely that I would just ride!:)

The grocery store

The front gate at Muffet and Pearl's house- "The Royall Lyme"! This gate has been featured in many books about the island!

One of the many boats we saw "The Man of Steel"-Amazing!

View from the docks at Valentine's Marina up to the bar! We saw several celebrities between the two of us- Uma Thurman, Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, Keith Richards, James Caan, a judge from Law and Order, "Dean" from Weeds, and the "Queer Eye" guys, who stayed next door to us! We mostly saw them driving by on their golf carts! No one bothers them down there and they just blend in. It's really cool!

License plate art

Murphy and NeNe

We ate lunch at this cute little restaurant "SipSip". It was a beautiful view and awesome food!

The view from Sip Sip!

Macy and me stuffed from Pearl's awesome NYE dinner! He has a deep fryer and made onion rings, shrimp, and fried green tomatoes for appetizers! We ate an amazing Pork Tenderloin, Ahi Tuna(that they had caught earlier in the week),his special mashed potatoes, and asparagus for dinner!

In the Nassau Airport on the way back! Murph was worn out!!!

Finally home! This was the morning we got back home- he had been on a golf cart, a boat, a taxi, 3 airplanes, an elevator, an escalator, a tram, and a car the day before! Phew!

We had a blast and are still trying to adjust back to the real world! It was the most beautiful place I have ever been and I hope to be lucky enough to go back!


Lin Lin said...

I can't believe it is over! It was my trip of a lifetime! Thanks for the invite, Murphle!


Rhonda Pennington said...

What a beautiful place and an awesome trip! I enjoyed hearing about it from Malinda when she got back. I especially liked the story about the reason she couldn't get off of the plane last with Murphy! : ) Looking at the pictures makes me long for summer - especially since the high here today is 20 and the low tonight is 5! Ugh!

Sharon said...

Its nice to get away to somewhere warm when its cold outside. Glad you all had fun. Love the pics!

Julie said...

How fun!

Dee-Dee said...

How beautiful! Makes me long for the beach...