Sunday, September 14, 2008

Happy Birthday, Lilly!

Today we went to Lilly's birthday party! We had so much fun! Here is a pic of the sweet birthday girl enjoying her smash cake! Murphy really enjoyed the pretty pink cupcakes and ice cream!
Murphy also got to hang out with Lilly's Aunt Callie, who is also his cousin, Allie Harris' godmother!
Murph back at home playing on his sugar high!:) He loved getting to wear one of my cousin, John David's, outfits that "Om" (Gram) made 21 years ago! Thanks for letting us use it, RiRi!:)
This is a shot of Murphy reading in his UT church clothes- yes, we even smock Power T's in Big Orange Country!
Pushing his favorite birthday toy, the bulldozer from Alli Dobbs!

Hanging out in the pack and play before dinner with "B" and "white lovie"! He is a child after his mother's heart with the new loyalty to these two blankies!:)


Sharon said...

Is this boy walking now...I love the UT outfit! Luke has no UT gear.....we are slacking! Love the pics of Murphy!!!!

Maureen said...

looks like a fun b-day party!
And I love the Power T outfit--very cool Murphy!
Teagan says thanks for the presents by the way!

Dee-Dee said...

I still remember that stinky, ratty old lovee of yours, Meghan!!
Do you still have that thing?
I saw that UT outfit online the other day - LOVE it - too cute!!

DuaneAngie said...

That is a very cute video--and a little bit of scary foreshadowing! I am really impressed with his UT outfit; I think he might be the best-dressed fan I've ever seen.
I'm not quite sure what to say about the lovee. I think I just had a smell flashback of your lovee and it gave me the cold chills. Is this a family tradition you really want to pass down??? :)