Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Visiting LinLin, Meeting Baby Chloe!

This weekend we went to Nashville for a family reunion on my Gram's side of the family. It was really fun, but unfortunately, I forgot to take any pictures! Here are a few of the other things we did in Nashville- we played at LinLin's most o the time! Here is Murphy chowing down on a yummy fish stick! Looking at Gram's pretty flowers with LinLin!
LinLin has these little men that go on a school bus. They have hard plastic bodies and soft plastic heads that are great for chewing on! This is what Murphy looks like most of the time while at her house! Sometimes he has a guy in each hand and one in the mouth!
Trying on a goofy golfing hat that went with one of Big Will's toddler outfits!
Playing in Sunday School with his buddies, Emma and Will!
On the move!
After dinner stroll
On our way to Nashville, my friend Kristen who lives near Cookeville went in to labor and we were actually at McDonald's in Cookeville when she texted me! We went on to Nashville, but stopped on the way back to Knoxville yesterday to meet baby Chloe and play with her big sister, Ella! Murphy and Ella are attempting to share here. He's obviously not old enough to know how, and she's two and a half with a new baby at home, so it was quite funny! Ella was a gracious host, but didn't get too dressed up for us!hahaha:)
Murphy watching baby Chloe swing- this was just before he tried to pounce!:)
Chloe Sue VanVranken- 8lbs. 10oz., 21 inches
August 15, 2008
Proud parents- Zach and Kristen Van Vranken and big sister, Ella Grace!
Congratulations!! She is so precious!

Here is a video from tonight. Murphy found one of his walker's that he never showed much interest in earlier on and decided to give it another whirl! Here he goes...

He kept practicing after this and eventually learned ow to turn and steer!


Dee-Dee said...

I love how he "talks" while he pushes his little walker. That hat of Will's is smokin' hot - I think Murphy should take it home and wear it all the time...
The new baby is cute - will be a good kid - has a good birthday! Ha!

Rhonda Pennington said...

I, too, love the "talking" when he walks and climbs the stairs. Hannah used to do that. Don't you wish you knew what was going through his mind and what he is trying to say? Chloe is beautiful and it appears that Ella looks just like Kristen!

Sharon said...

Looks like he had a long fun weekend. I'm glad you got to see Kristan's girls. They are really cute!

Maureen said...

Ella is too cute--that hair is awesome! And Chloe is a big girl! She looks good for being brand new!

Mindy said...

Murphy's so cute that he makes that goofy hat look good! Looks like you guys had a great trip. Please congratulate Kristen for us!